Best Honey Ever

Best Honey Ever


Honey on Toast? Honey on Tea? Sure, we’ve all enjoyed honey. If we think about it, we can remember exactly the taste and texture of it on our tongues. You may have had tiny plastic sticks filled with flavored-added honey as treats when you were little; blackberry, clover, cherry, but have you ever considered tasting a variety of honey types? Have you wondered what makes honey different and which is the best? The answer is all of them! Each honey has a distinct flavor or amino acid structure that makes it outshine the others when used a certain way. So instead of that one jar in your cupboard, you could have several of your favorites in no time at all: one for meat marinades, one for drizzling on yogurt and biscuits, another for herbal teas to soothe sore throats. The fun truth is that different honey types do different things when paired with various meals and beverages. With minimal effort, you can enjoy and share your new, improved honey game.


Different Honey, Different Benefit


While it’s easy to get sucked into the wide-world of honey varietals, there are a few quick cheats that will help you decide which types of honey you might want to start with or how you might want to cultivate your hives if making your own:


Clover and Floral Honeys


Clover honey is perhaps the most widely known and used. Its flower acts as a mild base that offers a uniform flavor people can recognize and expect, even when out at restaurants or traveling. Honey with floral tasting notes is excellent as a breakfast addition to your toast, biscuits, and yogurts, or tea. To branch out from clover, you can switch in orange blossom or blueberry– delicate additions that will offer you a bright, summery bite. Feeling adventurous? Go a step farther and try a sourwood honey! This North American honey is becoming more popular due to its spicy, anise notes and heady Fall flavor.


Savory Honeys


If you are proud of your stellar meat marinades or enjoy crafting beer in your basement, then savory honey should be your next challenge. Buckwheat honey is a luxurious, dark treat filled with flavors of molasses and malt that is perfect for brewing and also offers more iron and antioxidants than clover. Are you sparking up your grill? Try fireweed honey. Light and sweet, this honey still has a sophisticated flavor tailor-made for marinades.


Malady Honeys


Are you under the weather? Have you moved and are battling allergies? The right honey can help! Acacia, eucalyptus, or linden honey are must-haves for stubborn colds or ailments. Acacia honey is excellent for liver and digestive issues, Eucalyptus has a menthol flavor that helps soothe that aching throat, and Linden has strong antiseptic and relaxing properties making it perfect for before bed or pairing with chamomile tea to reduce anxiety. Never forget the power of raw, local honey either. When you’ve moved to a new place, make sure to try a local honey to help your body adjust to the new plants around you, you’ll be surprised how much this helps!


Anything Else?


For flavor profiles to come across with a distinct taste, the honey should be raw and unpasteurized. Once pasteurized, honey develops a similar flavor profile and can taste flatly sweet. However, raw honey is not suitable for everyone and children under one year should not be given honey of any type.